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Molly’s Wish, Inc. will educate the public, provide a safe haven for animals rescued and advocate to change laws and legislation.

Molly’s StoryMollys Wish-Puppy Mills-Ed Warner, Sharon's Dad

In October 2011, my father was killed in an accident,  we were going through a rough time and I had decided I was not going to foster any more dogs for a while.

When we received a phone call about Molly, a six year old Yorkshire terrier from a Puppy Mill in Missouri, I figured it was a sign from my father, he loved dogs, always had a rescue dog and he loved visiting whenever I had a new foster dog.Mollys Wish-Puppy Mills

Molly was in really bad shape, like all puppy mill dogs. This was in November of 2011. We fostered her for about a month, until we realized that she wasn’t just a foster, we were falling in love with her.

Within one month, we decided to adopt her.  Molly was different from other Puppy Mill fosters.  She wouldn’t come near anyone, wouldn’t bark, and kept to herself most of the time. Mollys Wish-Puppy Mills

This went on for the first few weeks. After a few weeks of Molly entering our home and hearts, she was following me everywhere. I never had a dog that was so attached to me.  She was so affectionate and loving.  She didn’t go to anyone but me.

When I would leave the house, she would sit there and wait right by that door until I came home, never left that spot.  When I asked her for a kiss, I was covered with them.

Mollys Wish-Puppy Mills-Print-Tattoo

Molly’s Paw Print Tattoo

During the summer she would be in the pool with me on her float.  She loved it…that was one of my best summers.

One night I noticed that she was having trouble getting up one step.  The next morning it was obvious that there was something seriously wrong. She was breathing heavy, trying to catch her breath and her stomach bloated.

We rushed her to the vets, and after taking x-rays, blood work and a sonogram, the doctor told me that Molly’s liver has failed. There was nothing they could do because her liver was ready to erupt. 

We could not believe it, no prior signs of this…it just happened overnight. It was one of the worst days of my life as a foster/adoptive parent.  We tried to keep her as comfortable as possible, but the following week, it was evident that it was time. Time to say goodbye to one of the most loving dogs I have ever owned.Mollys Wish-Puppy Mills

I promised Molly that I would work hard to expose and help close down as many puppy mills as possible, with the help of other rescues and groups, so that other dogs would not have to live their life like she had during her first 7 years.

Puppy Mills

 Mill dogs are tortured and abused                                            and are used to give birth to puppies heat after heat.

Mollys Wish-Puppy Mills

The vet guessed at least 8 litters were produced from Molly. Mill dogs are not vet checked, they are cash crops, that is all they are to them.Mollys Wish-Puppy Mills

I was glad we were chosen to love her the last 11 months of her life.  I know she was finally not a prisoner to the puppy mill and was living her life as a loved dog and enjoying every moment of it. She lived like a queen here.Mollys Wish-Puppy Mills

We want to put a stop to these puppy mills, so our fur babies don’t suffer like they do.

Molly’s Wish, Inc. will educate the public                and show you exactly what a puppy mill is.

May Molly Rest In Peace now as she is over the Rainbow Bridge.  Mollys Wish-Puppy Mills    Watch Video of 1st Annual Walk October 2013Mollys Wish-Puppy Mills

Readers Comments

Molly’s story hit me hard! My first foster Hope ended up to be a Chinese Crested instead of a Yorkie. She was thrown out of a moving car, one winter night. There was one house on that road, and the retired couple were watching the snow falling so they saw it all. I loved hope, like you Molly…Hope was also my Velcro girl…she was the love of my life…still is, even though she’s been at the Bridge 3 years. I too was in the kitchen making something to eat. I looked down at Hope, and she had ballooned up almost right before my eyes. I rushed her to my vet, and found out she had liver cancer…it went so fast. She was only 7yrs old, and had been with us for 3 years. I still cry for her. She knew me like no other… My heart hurts for you… Thank you for your fight to close mills…that’s what I strive to do also. I foster those that need it most, and might never find a home…but they become part of ours… Hugs,

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  1. Linda Selzer says:
    That was one of the most beautiful and saddest things I’ve read. But how wonderul that Molly knew love, even if it was only for a short time. I adopted a puppy mill dog from an Amish mill. I had fallen head over heels in love with her before I set eyes on her when I read her sad story. I have had her now almost 5 years. She has come a very long way, but still carries alot of baggage from the mills. But she is the sweetest dog I have ever met, and I am willing to bet that is true of all mill and/or abused dogs who finally find love. It is a joy to see her grow and become a dog, although it still breaks my heart that she never was a puppy and never learned what a toy is or how to pay with one. Let’s get rid of mills and commercial breeders and pet shops. Dogs are not cash crops! They are man’s best friend. Linda Selzer Boston
  2. Barb d says:
    Together is the key We all need to fight this as one even though we have our own groups we belong to. The most important thing to remember is the suffering mill dogs. Barb d
  3. KIRI says:
    MY DEEPEST CONDOLENCES ON THE LOST OF YOUR DAD AND THEN MOLLY. I ‘m so glad that Molly got to experience real Love and Tenderness for a time in her life. Thank-you! What can we do to help regulate the breeding of these wonderful animals. I was lucky to have my baby Kali for nine years. She was my companion and kept me going. I suffer from clinical depression for over 45 years. Kali gave me the desire and motivated me to try to move forward. This Easter, 03/31/12, I took her out for our daily walk. While we were enjoy the day, this fierce German Shepard leaped out of the woods and in less than 5 seconds she snatched my nine year old baby out of my leash and mauled her to death by puncturing her to death. She lasted less than 5 minuets and she was gone. Its only been 2 weeks, but the isolation is terrible. Unfortunately, I am temporarily living in my sister’s home, we live by her rules no more dogs. Thank-God that In a year I hope to have my only home and than I will be able to make my own decisions..If I make it until then, I will have my own dog and I want to help to do what I can to keep dogs safe. Any ideas how to keep dogs healthy and help those that I can? I am sure that my neighbors dog, the German Shepard, was mistreated by its owner. so I harbor no ill- will toward him. His owner put him down in order to appear to be blameless. But In the three times I saw him with the dog he was always mistreating him. I think he was trying to break down the dog and make him a guard dog and didn’t know what he was doing, nor did he care. Sending you Blessings…..
  4. Sharon Fay says:

    April 17, 2013 at 6:46 am

    I am so sorry to hear this..and for your dog to go in that way, has got to be the worse. I know from experience and the picture is constantly in my mind, the day a dog, got to our bird, a quaker parrot that we had for 9 years….and this dog just got ahold of him and broke his neck. That vision will always be in my mind, and I just can’t let it go. So, I’m sure you will always remember the horrible death your dog went through and didn’t deserve it. We always need to go on and knowing that the years that we had our beloved furfriends, we gave them our all. I sympathize with you and your in my thoughts and prayers….and hope some day you do get another one to love and give it a happy loving home. I’m sure that is what your baby would want you to do. But, no other baby will take it’s place as we know, will just help, fill the voidl.

    More readers comments bellow.


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  1. Thank you for helping dogs. Thank you for providing dignity to Molly, for loving her and providing a wonderful home, for giving her a name and a family. Thank you for standing up to Puppy Mills!

  2. Sharon,
    I know I’ve told you already but thought I’d type something in public for all to read. I really had no idea what “puppy mills” were all about until I adopted Tyler. The more I heard about them, the more I read about them, the more it made me love this dog & want to spoil him even more. I look at his playful spirit, his loving nature, & enjoyment of life & it makes it so hard for me to believe that this dog can be like this after 3 years of neglect & Ill health due to the conditions he was kept in. I’ll look at him sometimes & burst into tears now knowing what he lived through. I know that he won’t be the last rescue that I get now because there are so many more where he came from. I feel blessed that he was spared & sent to rescue instead of the alternative (that I don’t even want to think about) but the reality is they use them & get rid of them. Profit above all.

    I’m glad that you guided me in the direction I went to adopt him. Life will never be the same for both myself & little Tyler.

  3. Jeff….you are someone who I never thought would get a dog, and you are the best parent I know for Tyler…and so glad that I was able to hook you up with him. I hope that more and more people will see exactly my mission, and read through your letter, that having a rescue…is the way to go….and you are welcomed….P.S. And he loves you right back, I can see that…for sure.

  4. you are a person after my own heart. I too have had several Missouri and Lancaster Pennsylvania puppy mill survivors… some of the worst and a cab to your heart like nothing else in the world. I have been a part of puppy mill awareness day in Lancaster with Chris de ROse N Carol Araneo Mayer… have you heard of them? I would like to learn more about your organization….